Author: Adrian Bulmer

Conservatories were originally invented by the Romans, who used them to look after exotic plants and fruits. (Conservato means to store and preserve, while ory means ‘a place for’.) Today around 1 in 5 households in Britain now have one, and they’ve evolved into structures with a far more diverse range of purposes – which goes some way to explaining why it’s becoming so popular to buy conservatories in Blackburn and Darwen.

We all use huge companies on an almost daily basis; Sainsbury’s, Homebase and Apple are just a few examples. Building upon their own strengths over decades of history (Sainsbury’s is well over a hundred years old), they’ve built business empires with staggering numbers of employees and bases across the globe, making them seem an obvious choice in many situations. But sometimes size isn’t everything! As a small local company, choosing RTE Fabrications has distinct advantages. Here are just a few:

RTE Fabrications are the leading home improvement experts in the Blackburn and Darwen region. We specialise in fitting quality double glazing. Plus, conservatories, conservatory solid roof systems and new composite upvc doors. With over 10,000 satisfied customers during our trading history your home is safe in our hands. The benefits of quality double glazing and draft free composite upvc doors felt...