Conservatory design and build

An RTE conservatory is manufactured in our Darwen factory. Using the latest technology and materials. We design each one to meet your exact requirements, size, space and usage. With plenty of optional extras such as solid roofs and specialised heating we can create a space you can love all year round.

Choose your style from the options below or contact us to tell us your ideas and we can design something specifically for you.

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We pride ourselves on working closely with you throughout the design and construction of your dream conservatory. We’ll provide expert advice and can mix and match your choice of styles to suit your tastes. We do everything in house, too, so that we can be certain of a job well done.


Also known as Georgian conservatories. Edwardian conservatories have many similarities in style to a Victorian conservatory. For example, the apexed roof. An Edwardian conservatory is square or rectangular in plan with a flat front. Edwardian designs are always popular for their size and use of floor space.


Often known as a gabled conservatory. Pavilion conservatories are an adaptation of the Edwardian style. They sharing the same efficient floor plan but with a differnt  style of the roof. Always a popular choice.

One of the most popular types of conservatory styles in the UK. and it’s not hard to A classic and charming style, with a sense of flair. The most recognisable feature of a Victorian conservatory is an angled bay front. Three to five wall facets, topped off by a ridged apex roof.

One of the simplest designs of conservatory. The Traditional features small walls and a flat angled roof. The roof slopes downwards, great for allowing rainwater to run off it. They have the lowest costs and construction times due to their straightforward design.