How To Look After Your Conservatory This winter

How to look after your conservatory this winter

How To Look After Your Conservatory This winter

As the weather remains cold and wintery, it’s time to consider how you can prepare your conservatory to survive the season without any damage. Treated properly, your conservatory should be a room for the whole year – not just the summer – so follow our tips to make the most of it this Winter.

Make the most of  Winter for conservatory care

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A cosy bespoke conservatory can be a gorgeous place to spend autumn evenings, soaking up the last light in fine weather and whiling away the hours on darker days. Make the most of the remaining good weather to get your conservatory ready for the winter chill, and you’ll be glad you did.

Clear out your guttering

Debris such as twigs and leaves can build up in your guttering and stop it working effectively, leading to rainwater pooling on your conservatory roof. Autumn is the perfect time to give your guttering some TLC, particularly if your conservatory is situated under or near any shedding foliage. It’s also worth investing in a leaf guard at the top of any drainpipes, to prevent clogging.

Clean off your roof

Dust and seeds can accumulate on your conservatory roof over the course of the year, so make time to hose down your glazed conservatory roof this winter. For standard glazed roofs, some soapy water and a brush or sponge will do the job nicely; for self-cleaning glass, leave out the hose, soap and scrubbing, and just use a bucket of hot water.

Check your paintwork

Check paintwork on timber-framed conservatories before the winter weather sets in, and you’ll be glad you did. Give your frames a good wipe down with a cloth and some hot water: wring the cloth out thoroughly, run it over your frames and take note of any patchy areas that need touching up to keep them weather-proof.

Evict any Winter residents!

It’s nobody’s favourite job, but evicting creepy crawlies such as woodlice, spiders and daddy-longlegs from the nooks and crannies of your bespoke conservatory is a job best done in autumn. Use a soft dry brush (or a duster, if you’re brave!) to encourage your long-legged tenants to move on and find new homes elsewhere in the garden.

Watch out for corrosion

Take a close look at the rubber seals around your windows and doors, checking for any holes or corroded areas that might let in water on rainy or snowy days. Likewise, check your hinges, handles and locks for any signs of rust, and give them some care with a can of WD40.

An important note on safety…

When you’re looking after your bespoke conservatory, it’s vital to consider how to do it safely. While  climbing on the roof to access some hard to reach corners might seem a quick and easy job, it’s a huge and unnecessary risk to take.

Use extendible brushes to clean your roof and, if you’re using a ladder, make sure you situate it on level, stable ground, and have someone there to hold it steady. Avoid working in wet weather and, if there’s a job you’re not able to do safely, call in an expert.

Bear all these tips in mind, and you’re all set to make the most of your bespoke conservatory this autumn.

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