Making It Up As We Go

Making It Up As We Go: Why We Use in-House Manufacturing

Making It Up As We Go

Why We Use in-House Manufacturing

At RTE Fabrications, we’re not a huge multinational corporation. We keep our operations focused and tightly controlled by handling everything ourselves. We don’t outsource or use outside companies, and manufacturing is one of the many things we keep a tight handle on. Many of the advantages that help us as a small business also pay similar dividends to keeping things in-house. Here are just a few of the advantages.

Quality of Materials

Making It Up As We Go: Why We Use in-House Manufacturing

One of the most obvious and important advantages that in-house manufacturing offers us is a greater degree of control, which means a rock-solid guarantee of quality. Safety is also a key concern in this particular respect. In the construction industry, safety is always an absolute priority, for employees and customers alike, and in-house manufacturing eliminates any possibility of the use of shoddy or unsound materials. We source only the best and most reliable materials to create our products – including porches and conservatories – meaning that we can be assured of their end quality, and ultimately ensuring that you get the best for your money.


Quality of Personnel

Making It Up As We Go: Why We Use in-House Manufacturing

We think you’d agree that it would seem absurd to send someone from an outside company to perform an assessment at your property, instead of one of our own employees. (That’s why everyone you deal with, from concept of a project to its completion, is recruited, trained and employed by us.)

Well, we take the same view towards manufacturing. Good materials count for very little without the skills and expertise to use them properly; each of our employees knows his or her craft inside out, meaning that not only can we have confidence in the quality of materials, but also in the way they’re put together. Structural weaknesses, perks and downsides of each material, and a thorough understanding of construction are all just some of the examples of knowledge required for a successful career in construction, and training our employees ourselves means there are absolutely no gaps or pitfalls in their expertise – meaning we can promise high-end products and an excellent service every single time.



Quality of Our Process

Making It Up As We Go: Why We Use in-House Manufacturing

Control is also a crucial aspect to the smooth running of any construction process. Although it’s feasible to outsource this aspect to other companies, we find there are distinct advantages to keeping it all under one roof. First of all, it gives us greater control and knowledge of our own timeframes, so we know exactly what’s happening and when. When we make you a promise, we’re not relying on anyone else to also keep their word, so you can trust in the transparency of our conversations. On a similar note, it eliminates any danger of a conflict of interest, in which competing companies use the same suppliers.

It also gives us an invaluable flexibility, which is pivotal when working on bespoke projects. Instead of pursuing lengthy avenues of communication, our staff can respond instantly to any changes in specifications or design. We can also react quickly to any changes in the market or industry, quickly adapting our style or process to deal with any new or impending challenges.

And There’s More…

There’s also a wealth of other benefits that don’t fit neatly under these three categories. Situated in Darwen, RTE Fabrications is a company with strong local ties, and as such we believe strongly in supporting our surrounding community. By refusing to outsource, we give jobs to local people and therefore help contribute to Darwen’s economy – and that of the North West – rather than one further afield (or even abroad).

Finally, in-house operations help us to keep our costs down. Ultimately, this carries over to our prices, meaning that as our customer, you save money too! You can find more about our manufacturing process here, or click here to contact us and have a friendly discussion about your own bespoke project.


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