The Benefits That UPVC Windows Can Offer Your Home

the benefits that upvc windows can offer your home

The Benefits That UPVC Windows Can Offer Your Home

UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride – sometimes known as rigid PVC because it doesn’t flex. It’s a famously safe and stable material; alternative uses for it include dental retainers and sporting mouthguards. UPVC has increasingly been the material of choice for windows over the last several years, and it’s not difficult to see why. It provides a whole host of benefits for homeowners, both practical and financial.

UPVC Windows Are Eco And Environmentally Friendly

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One of the reasons that UPVC is so popular with tradesmen and installers (like ourselves!) is that it’s so easy to manufacture; there’s far less energy expended in its construction than there is for other materials, making it relatively eco-friendly. It’s also recyclable at the end of its long lifetime – not a word usually associated with plastics – meaning that it’s good for the environment, too. It can also be environmentally friendly in a slightly more indirect ways, too – for example, wooden frames require the expenditure of trees and forests, whereas UPVC is an entirely synthetic substance, sparing the use of natural resources.

And as a synthetic substance, UPVC has been precisely-engineered to be an effective and efficient insulation material. This makes homes warmer, stopping heat from escaping or draughts to come in. Ultimately this results in reduced energy bills in heating from air conditioning or central heating units, as it takes some of the pressure off them to regulate indoor temperature – saving you money and saving the planet by reducing the amount of fossil fuels used. (Yet another way UPVC windows indirectly help the environment!) As an added bonus, it’s this same quality that means reduced noise pollution inside homes from traffic outside.

UPVC Is Durable, Effective and Low-Maintenance

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One of the biggest selling points of UPVC windows is that it’s one of the lowest-maintenance building materials on the market. You can polish out many surface scratches with very little stress involved, although they will need cleaning every now and again. It’s also highly durable against the elements, which isn’t a quality shared by every building material. It’s water and heat resistant, so unlike aluminium or wood, it won’t rust, rot, flake or warp, even in the face of extreme weather conditions. It also boasts an in-built UV resistance that makes it resistant to fading in even the hottest of summer sunlight. This durability makes it convenient and time saving for you as it requires only a bare minimum of attention, so you won’t have to sigh at the sight of a storm cloud on the horizon.

Not only this, but this same resilience and durability also makes UPVC windows invaluable in security terms. Their specially constructed frames are built to an exacting specification, making them far more difficult to breach or damage for any would-be intruders.

We could go on, but we’re sure you get the picture. If you’re still not quite sure, why not pop in to our Blackburn showroom or call us on 01254 873 002 and find out for yourself?

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